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City of Davenport municipal election: Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Athena Gilbraith


Welcome! I'm Athena Gilbraith-- I'm a mother, wife, a businesswoman and a political organizer. Born and raised in Davenport, I am proud to be raising my family in my hometown. The idea of making the world a better place for my children is what prompted my start in community advocacy. My passions include early education, social equity, and innovation. I enjoy being active in the city of Davenport and serve on many committees. Whether it is attending my children's activities, playing sports with my kids and husband, or enjoying our parks with my dogs, I am never too busy to appreciate my surroundings. It is my privilege to live, play, and work in my hometown.

As a Community Advocate, I have heard from residents who want and need leaders to push for change in Davenport. Residents who have expressed their lack of trust in local government, and who question whether or not their voices are being heard. Quality of life is essential wherever we put our roots. And I believe we should always fight for what is right and what is just if we are capable. If our voices are not being heard, we must change who are elected to listen.


The tougher challenges our city and residents face should never hold us back and must be met with an unmatched fearlessness that includes diverse voices at the table. The charge of Davenport should always be in the pursuit of leading our community down an equitable path. This is a promise that is the substance of any community. 


I am running to be your Mayor dear citizen, because you matter. I seek your vote and ask that you join the cohort of change and move the needle. For too long, elected leaders have done the same thing and have asked us to expect different results. Our community has been politicized to serve a status quo agenda that does not work for alI. Our city budget, (AKA taxpayer money that our city spends) is reflective of our values and it is clear which parts of Davenport our leaders see as "better." I see a vision of Davenport becoming a truly inclusive and equitable place for all people to live, work, and thrive. For as much as politics play a role in governing, the message from actual people is to throw politics out the window and do the right thing. I see a city where our children can come back home to and raise their own families. I see Davenport as a city who prides itself on being an affordable place to live, as well as a city where small and large businesses succeed. I see a city that is safe for every Davenport resident, and a city that is dedicated to violence prevention. I recognize the challenges that lie ahead and our opportunities for growth and am ready to serve. None of which require politicization.


Among the many ideas to which this website includes, I believe in a community-led structure for local government. And that all voices deserve a seat at the table. A community-led government is one where as your Mayor, I listen to you and your neighbors and take your ideas. concerns. and suggestions to City Council. After all, I will (hopefully) work for you. We can lead the way with fresh new ideas in infrastructure and economy, and listen to Davenport residents from every part of the city. From Rockingham Road to East 53rd street. And we can be a city that serves as a shining example of how to play fair and lead with justice in mind.


If I am so privileged to be your Mayor, I promise to lead and to listen with you at the heart of my service. I hope to count on your vote, and the votes of your family and neighbors, on Tuesday, November 2.


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